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Here are 3 great ways to resolve drainage issues in the lawn for commercial and residential properties! If you are noticing a large issue, the best solution is to get a professional out to assess the issue. You can do so by Clicking Here. But, if what you are experiencing is a rather simple issue, it can be solved quite possibly with one of the steps below!

1. Extend your gutter downspouts out past your garden areas that rest around your foundation, as these areas have tendencies to quickly build up water that would rather easily be rerouted to other well draining areas of your landscape.

2. Spring and fall aeration removes plugs from dense soil, allowing for seed water and nutrients to break through the surface zone and into the root zone of the soil, which extends 6 to 8 inches in depth. However, aeration is a quick solution to a lot of slow draining lawns.

3. French drains or undersoil perforated drains can also be used to disperse water over a larger area and can be installed with minimal damage to any lawn.