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Our team here at Northern Buckeye Lawn and Landscape wants to be sure you are receiving the best watering tips and tricks for your lawn. Please take the time to review and use these tips when it’s time to water your lawn!

1. Water in the mornings, preferably before the heat of the day begins, no later than 10 AM, so that your watering efforts don’t evaporate before the water reaches the roots.

2. Saturate your soil till water reaches the first 6 inches of soil, the average depth of grass roots. Use a shovel in a non noticeable portion of the yard to check.

3. Watering in the evening increases the risk of disease in most lawns, especially if the sun sets and grass blades are still wet. If you have to do this, begin no earlier than 4PM and no later than 6 PM.

4. If your lawn takes on a grayish hue or dull color, it’s in need of watering, In addition, if footprints in the grass don’t dissipate in a reasonable amount of time, it’s another sign your lawn could use more water.

5. Use watering timers and sprinkler systems to keep up your watering efforts, even when you don’t have the time or when you can’t be present. Consistency with any lawn management watering is key to its success.