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When it comes to caring for lawns in Northeast Ohio, our team has been on the job for over 20 years! We take a ton of pride in getting the job done right the first time. Over the years, our team has found some amazing tips and tricks!

1. Mowing
Having a great mowing routine will lead you to success in your spring lawn care. By giving your mower a routine cleaning and sharpening your blades, you are ensuring a reduction in stress on your lawn. This allows the turf to grow without any extra added pressure.

2. Clean Up’ Debris
Do not allow leaves, sticks and debris to remain in your lawn from fall or spring. By removing the debris, you are reducing the chances that your lawn will lose sunlight and slowly become spare. You are also eliminating chances for disease and fungus.

3. Pre – Emergents
Having a pre-emergent applied to your lawn is essential if you want a great looking yard for spring and summer. By having 2 pre-emergent treatments in the spring, you can stop crab grass and other junk grasses prior to them germinating. Rest assured your lawn will have a great kick start to the 2019 season!

4. Tree and Hedge Trimming
By having your trees and hedges trimmed, you will not only leave your property appealing to the human eye, but you will also strengthen your landscape. Our trees and shrubs, just like humans, lose skin and parts over time. By removing dead limbs, along with pruning the trees and shrubs, you are reducing the likeliness a fungus or pest that could lead to the loss of your plants or trees.

5. Aeration and Seeding
Though fall is always the #1 time to aerate and seed, if you have bare areas, spring may also be the moment to act. Failure to take these steps make your grass more susceptible to gaining weeds and more likely to have pests, diseases and fungus. By allowing your lawn to have an aeration and seeding, you are allowing the soil to breath and the PH levels to balance and much more. You are also allowing the new seed to move deeper into the soil, producing a pronounced and well defined root system for your lawn.

We hope these 5 spring lawn care tips and tricks for your Ohio lawn prove beneficial. If you have any questions at all, feel free to give us a call at 330-655-2227 or 330-947-2415.