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Crabgrass is a short growing weed that thrives in low water, high heat conditions. Crabgrass germinates when soil temps reach about 55 degrees. If you only have a few of these, can be fairly easy using a localize herbicide spray. When this invasive species has taken over your lawn, it becomes more difficult to get rid of, pre- in the spring to inhibit germination.

Fertilization and seeding helps by thickening the grass, not allowing crabgrass the space to take root. Another helpful tip is to make sure your soil is saturated 6-8 inches down when you water, allowing roots to take up all the space within the growing column of your soil.

Last, but not least, mow your lawn at its correct height, simply because the shade on the soil caused by blades of grass can help stop germination of crabgrass seeds. Consistency is important to your lawn. Once you set up a program, be patient. Not all results will be immediately apparent overnight, but continue implementing them and you’ll have the lawn we all strive for and deserve.