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As we all know our lawns need to be fertilized during the spring and summer to keep them nice and healthy but often people overlook talking about pre emergents. Pre Emergents are a highly useful weed control application early for your lawn that help to prevent germination of weed seeds.

Once watered in the pre-emergent acts as a barrier for the weeds and block growth for up to 6 weeks. Our team here at Northern Buckeye works hard to ensure that we get the pre emergents down on you lawn at the right time for best results and your complete satisfaction. As we build onto our seasonal lawn care plans the pre emergent application will help to reduce the overall weeds!

There are a lot of questions that come with Pre-Emergents and often they are bypassed. We wanted to use this next section to get those issues covered.

1. Do pre-emergents kill all weeds?
NO, though pre-emergents kill a good majority of the weeds in your lawn there will always be a small handful that pop up. If you see this issue feel free to give us a call and we will gladly come retreat your lawn.

2. Can I seed after a pre-emergent?
Seeding after a pre-emergent just wont work. You must wait 6 weeks before seeding your lawn after having a pre emergent application. Our team is glad to walk you through the best option for your specific lawn if you would like us to!

3. Should I water my pre-emergent in?
Yes you should water your pre-emergent in as it is only effective if it seeps into the soil.  Watering in your pre- emergent is essential for the product to preform its duty for your turf.
If you have any questions, comments, lawn related concerns please feel free to shoot us a message!