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As spring approaches it is time to consider your lawn care options for the season. With all the at home options and providers to choose from, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for. Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming they will save money doing their own fertilization and weed control.Being certified by Ohio Department of Agriculture means we have access to products not typically available to the general public. Having a certified technician service your lawn will save the investment of time required, and will ensure a balanced application. Excessive application of weed control or fertilizer can be catastrophic. A few incorrectly done applications can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. It’s also helpful to have an educated technician who can recognize and inform customers of possible issues. Things like fungus, drainage issues, and invasive pests can cause major damage if not addressed early.

Another common mistake is waiting too long in between services. Namely, when a customer is happy with the condition of the lawn, and begins to forgo service. It can take up to three full seasons to get a lawn into truly healthy condition. It sometimes takes only a single season of neglect to risk the entire investment made on your lawn. Once certain weeds begin to out compete the desired grasses, it becomes a losing battle for the turf. It is much wiser to downsize a program as opposed to skipping an entire season. This way things will be maintained and any potential problems are noted at the beginning of the season. It is necessary to aerate at least every few years to relieve soil compaction. Though core aeration is recommended annually, some choose to aerate several times a year.This will allow the products and water to be absorbed much more readily. Lawn care products can only do so much with tightly compacted earth.

There are a few other things it is prudent to be aware of. If several homes in your area have suffered grub damage, fungus, or blights it’s needed to take the appropriate steps. Failure to do so will again but your lawn at significant risk. Grub protection in particular around the midwest is quite nearly a requirement if you want to keep your lawn looking great. A yearly grub control application is a far cheaper alternative than being forced to resod and/or seed large sections of turf. An exception would be if you already utilize an extensive pest control program to keep away the insects that leave the culprits.

It is not always easy to keep a lawn looking great. Drought stress and hard winters always take a toll from season to season. Compounding those factors with inconsistent service will very likely be a larger expense in the future. Allowing us to maintain and assure your lawns progress will leave you with the beautiful green lawn you deserve.

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